Audio-video call coming to X soon, announces Musk

Audio-video call coming to X soon, announces Musk

X, formerly known as Twitter, is poised to undergo a transformative evolution by integrating cutting-edge audio-video call features. These eagerly anticipated enhancements are on the horizon, spurred by the rising competition posed by Threads, another Meta-owned platform. Elon Musk, in a groundbreaking announcement, unveiled his visionary plan to introduce audio-video call capabilities to X, thereby reshaping it into an all-encompassing social media platform, poised to challenge formidable rivals like Meta. Notably, these upgraded features will be seamlessly accessible across a wide array of devices, including Android, iOS, PC, and Mac.

Elon Musk’s vision transcends conventional communication norms as these new features promise high compatibility without necessitating the conventional reliance on phone numbers. Musk succinctly outlined the forthcoming changes in a tweet, underscoring their global applicability: “Video & audio calls coming to X: Works on iOS, Android, Mac & PC – No phone number needed – X is the effective global address book…That set of factors is unique.”

While a specific release date for these enhancements remains undisclosed, Musk’s unwavering commitment to elevating X into a comprehensive platform is evident. This endeavor aligns seamlessly with Musk’s recent proclamation about X, wherein he articulated his aspiration to create a unique social network, filling a void he perceives in the industry.

This latest development is a direct response to Andrew Conway, the designer behind X, who shared sneak peeks of the forthcoming audio and video call options a month ago. These previews offered a tantalizing glimpse into the enhanced user experience, featuring notable improvements in the direct messaging screen’s top left corner.

Reason behind audio-video call feature

Although the precise launch date remains unknown, Musk’s ambition extends beyond mere audio and video capabilities. He continuously endeavors to enhance the quality of social media platforms by incorporating advanced features. X’s recent announcements include plans to enable users to engage in and co-host Spaces, improve the quality of live broadcasts from mobile devices, introduce an immersive video player for both Android and iOS, and empower premium subscribers to upload extended videos, up to 2 hours in duration.

Musk’s unwavering dedication to elevating the platform’s quality and innovation is poised to position X at the forefront of the digital landscape. His aspiration is for X to become more akin to Instagram than Twitter alternatives like BlueSky and Threads, which are vying for a similar space in the social media landscape.

Musk’s tweet underscores the platform’s versatility, ensuring seamless cross-platform communication, be it on Android, Apple, PC, or Mac.

Despite the significant reduction in the company’s workforce due to Musk’s extensive restructuring efforts, he remains committed to making X an enticing destination for users. His tireless pursuit of innovation and expansion of X’s capabilities signifies his relentless quest to revolutionize the digital realm.

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