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YouTube is going to make 4K videos a Premium feature

YouTube is going to make 4K videos a Premium feature
Credit: Business Insider

Not everyone is aware of the YouTube paid subscription, which has been introduced recently. YouTube’s Premium paid subscription comprises reimbursements like ad-free viewing, video and song downloads for offline feeding, and background plays. It might also be fluctuating video streaming in 4K resolution, which is free for all users right now to the premium subscription.

Some users on Reddit and Twitter recently noted that YouTube had been enquiring them to elevate to the premium feature to watch videos in 4K.

It’s not indistinct if the change is part of a partial test or if the company is discerning about capping free users to 1440p resolution. Google declined to comment on the story when communicated by TechCrunch.

However, one of YouTube’s official support handles replied to a user who posted a screenshot of video streaming in 4K showing up as a premium feature. It said that the user might have been a part of the company’s “experiment to know better the feature preferences [sic] Premium & non-Premium users.”

The company has tried various approaches to convert free users into paying ones. One of the most infamous ones was showing them up to 11 unskippable ads before the start of a long video to let them have an uninterrupted experience.

Last year, Google said it crossed 50 million subscribers across YouTube Music and Premium. While the price of these subscriptions differs crossways counties, in the U.S., it charges $9.99 per month for YouTube Music and $11.99 per month for YouTube Premium.

In its Q2 2022 earnings, the search massive said that YouTube carried in $6.87 billion in revenue — much lower than analyst expectations of $7.51 billion. So, it’s not unanticipated that the company might try new conducts to upsurge paid users for its video-flowing amenities.

Last week, YouTube TV hurled a new program to lease users to subscribe to add-on channels like Showtime, HBO Max, NBA League Pass, and MLB.TV without buying a $64.99 a month base strategy.