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YouTube Introduces AI-Powered ‘YouChat’ Chatbot

YouTube Introduces AI-Powered 'YouChat' Chatbot

YouTube is venturing into the realm of AI-powered chatbots to enhance the viewing experience for its users. This innovative chatbot, known as “YouChat,” aims to facilitate deeper engagement with video content by providing answers to viewers’ questions, suggesting related content, and more, all while ensuring uninterrupted playback.

The rollout of this conversational tool began recently, with a limited release to a select group of users for specific videos. In the coming weeks, YouTube plans to expand its availability to YouTube Premium members in the United States who use Android devices.

Users granted access to the experimental chatbot feature can easily initiate it by clicking the “Ask” button located beneath designated videos. This allows them to seek information related to the video or choose from suggested prompts. Importantly, YouTube has clarified that “YouChat” doesn’t rely on Google’s Bard chatbot. Instead, it generates responses using large language models that harness data from the YouTube platform and the broader web.

To illustrate how “YouChat” works, YouTube has even released an animation, providing a glimpse into the potential of this generative AI feature. This development showcases YouTube’s commitment to elevating user experiences and harnessing AI technology to make content more interactive and informative.

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