World’s First Human Robot Factory Will Start Deploying Workers Next Year

World’s First Human Robot Factory Will Start Deploying Workers Next Year

Agility Robotics is nearing completion of a cutting-edge 70,000-square-foot facility, known as “RoboFab,” in Salem, Oregon. This facility is poised to become the birthplace of Agility’s humanoid robot, Digit, designed for human collaboration in industrial settings.

RoboFab is set to begin operations later this year, with customer deliveries expected in 2024, followed by general market availability in 2025. The initial goal is to manufacture “hundreds” of Digit units in its inaugural year, with plans for expansion.

Aindrea Campbell, Agility’s COO, draws a historic parallel, likening RoboFab to Henry Ford’s pioneering automobile factory, envisioning a future where humanoid robots are as ubiquitous as automobiles.

Digit, standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing 65 kg, boasts claw-like gripper hands capable of handling up to 16 kg loads. It autonomously recharges, allowing for near-continuous operation.

Agility’s locomotion system, shared by Cassie and Digit, features bird-like legs with high ankle joints. Digit’s unique ability to fold its legs silently and squat to lift objects distinguishes it. Control is managed through a tablet, and the robot can be programmed for various object-handling tasks.

Agility is experimenting with large language model AIs to enable Digit to respond to verbal commands, expanding its versatility. Initially, Digit will handle box relocation, with future plans for truck loading.

While there is a narrow focus on early applications, Agility Robotics is poised to revolutionize industrial automation with its advanced humanoid robot, Digit.

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