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Vogue Features Mira Sethi’s First Novel in List of Most Anticipated Novels for 2021

Mira Sethi is one of the most talented and versatile artists we have got in Pakistan. From modeling to acting to doing theatres and talk shows, she has successfully done them all. The latest update about the model-turned-actor is her debut novel which is listed as one of the most awaited in 2021 by Vogue.

The list of 53 must-read novel is put together by Vogue Magazine and Refinery29. The Yeh Dil Mera famed actor has been mentioning her novel “Are You Enjoying” on her social media platforms for a while now. Senior editor, Vogue, Chloe Schama describes it as a book that is powerful and has a light touch. She also calls Sethi a great storyteller, which is a huge compliment.

Last year, while discussing her upcoming book, Mira Sethi revealed that her book will highlight the stories from the entertainment industry, politics and even what is happening behind the closed bedroom doors.

Source: Instagram @mira.sethi

Sethi is just not an amazing actor, she is a literature graduate as well. She also boasts the honour of being the first Pakistani to become Student Commencement Speaker at Wellesley College in 2010. Sethi has also spent some time in Oxford and now making headlines due to “Are You Enjoying”

Source: Instagram @mira.sethi

Mira Sethi tied the knot with her friend in 2019 and was in the news for her simple yet unforgettable wedding. Her book “Are You Enjoying” is expected to release in April 2021, however, it will be available in Pakistan by May 2021.

Source: Instagram @mira.sethi

At Digital Spartans, we wish Sethi all the best for her debut novel and hoping to read more of her books in the future.

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