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Twitter Users Can Now See the Number of Views on a Tweet

Many Twitter users experienced an unexpected update on Thursday where they were able to see the number of views on their tweets. Elon Musk has already announced that this feature will be available from December 1st. However, a number of users were surprised to see this update on their profile recently. The newly launched feature can be noticed beside the Like and Retweet options. This feature will make it easier for the users to see the performance of their tweet.

Picture: Twitter

Musk has already announced that Twitter is going to roll out this feature soon. He also said that it may take “a few more weeks”. However, it seems like that the feature is already available to many users.

According to the Twitter users, a view counter appears every time they click on a tweet. If you are still unable to see this new feature, do not worry as it is available to limited users only.

The placement of the new feature is very much noticeable. It is placed right beside Like and Retweet counter and can be seen easily. It is also mention worthy that Twitter users were always able to see Tweet impressions in the Analytics section, therefore the new feature is not offering anything new to them.

No information is available whether is View Counter will be public or private to every user, just like the video views. Elon Musk has still not tweeted on this update yet.

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