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Blasphemy Verdict: Gujranwala Court Sentences Student to Death

Blasphemy Verdict: Gujranwala Court Sentences Student to Death

A 22-year-old student from Gujranwala has been sentenced to death by a local court for blasphemy verdict, following accusations of sharing blasphemous content via WhatsApp messages. The ruling, as reported by BBC, also includes a life imprisonment for a 17-year-old defendant implicated in the same case.

Both defendants, asserting their innocence, maintain their stance despite the court’s verdict. The case stems from a complaint filed by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Lahore in 2022, subsequently referred to the Gujranwala court for trial.

The judgment specifies the death penalty for the elder accused, deemed responsible for creating blasphemous material, while the younger defendant faces life imprisonment for allegedly sharing the contentious content.

The plaintiff alleges receiving objectionable videos and photos from multiple mobile numbers, a claim supported by the FIA’s confirmation of the presence of such material on the plaintiff’s phone. Defense attorneys argue that the case is fabricated and vehemently assert the innocence of the accused students.

Meanwhile, the father of the defendant facing capital punishment intends to appeal the decision in the Lahore High Court, while the court acknowledges the minor’s sentence to mitigate the severity of the penalty.

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