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SnackVideo Celebrates Content Creator “Ailia Shoaib” for reaching 10 Million followers

Karachi, 7 February 2022, SnackVideo celebrates Ailia Shoaib, the short-video platform’s first Pakistani content creator to hit 10 million followers, just a year after joining the social media app.

Shoaib was awarded by the SnackVideo team and received a personalized trophy to mark this milestone.

Ailia Shoaib, SnackVideo handle @Aleeya__aleey1233, is well known  for her young and vibrant personality which comes across in the entertaining and fun content she creates. She shares with her audience a mix of lifestyle and beauty videos, with a fun twist of impressions, making them one of the most-viewed videos on the platform.

Ailia celebrated her achievement through a short video in which she shares her journey with her viewers. She talks about her content creation journey, her aspirations, and tribulations along the way as well as her hopes for the future on SnackVideo. The video is heartwarming and will inspire many other content creators.

“I am beyond happy to be one of the first snackers in Pakistan to reach 10 Million followers. I cannot thank my community enough, but most importantly, the SnackVideo team who have always been supportive and helped me achieve good quality content and build my community, “ says Ailia.

Lately, many great talents have seen their audiences grow massively on SnackVideo, and

Ailia Shoaib is such a noteworthy star among them. This growth shows the company’s vision of working closely and supporting the local content creators by launching a series of

initiatives to encourage and help them achieve their goals.

Syed Naeemuddin, Country Manager of SnackVideo in Pakistan, said: Our growing influence in Pakistan demonstrates our unique, engaging short-form video format offering quality content that speaks to real lives and interests. Content creators are at the core of our business and our role is to light as  many content creators as possible. ”

SnackVideo is a renowned short-form video platform in Pakistan. It has a plethora of content ranging from parodies, dances, tips, hobbies, and so much more. The platform offers opportunities to many talented content creators to share their talent and express themselves through various form : DIY tips and tricks, drama and more, and allows them to grow a sustainable community of fans.

About SnackVideo

SnackVideo is a social platform focused on sharing short videos which provides an opportunity for users to express their style and creativity through creating and sharing short videos. SnackVideo offers the most interesting, funniest, and magical videos, and live streams. Users can create, upload and share their original videos using the comprehensive in-app editor which includes effects, filters, music and more that helps users to be as creative as they prefer. The SnackVideo app is easy to use and allows its users to enjoy a wide variety of interesting content, from comedy and fashion to pets and games – and everything in between.

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