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Shoaib Akhtar Says He Will Not Give Up and Fight Legal Battle for the Notice Sent to Him by PTVC

After the exchange of words with Dr Nauman Niaz in a live show and resigning from his post, Shoaib Akhtar is now again in hot waters as he receives a Rs 100 million recovery notice from Pakistan Television Corporation (PTVC). The channel has also demanded Akhtar return his salary for the last three months for violating the contract.

In a notice sent to ex fast bowler, the PTVC has said that it has been abiding by the clauses stated in the contract, however, Shoaib Akhtar’s “conduct towards official requirements according to the binding clauses of referred agreement has not only been observed as casual, but a total violation of the agreement,”.

The notice further elaborates that Akhtar’s contract bounded him to “remain associated exclusively with PTV Sports and not appear or engage with any other television network within the Pakistan territory”.

Meanwhile, Akhtar made appearances on ARY News and Geo News and remained absent on his own show. On top of it, he was demanding an increase in salary to up to 1.8 million.

The notice also says that Shoaib Akhtar left his show after he got into an argument with the former host, Dr Nauman Niaz, and never submitted his written resignation on a three-month notice, which is one of the clauses of his contract with PTVC. This has incurred the channel huge financial losses.

Akhtar also appeared with Harbhajan Singh, former Indian Spinner, which has caused “irreparable losses to PTV”.

“Due to your above-stated acts and conducts, PTV has suffered a lot and sustained huge financial losses on account of losses of sponsorship, erosion of organisation’s reputation etc.”

Upon receiving a recovery notice of Rs 100m and Rs 3,333,000 (three-month salary), Akhtar says that he is “utterly disappointed”. He added, “After miserably failing to safeguard my respect & repute while I was working for PTV, they have now sent me a Recovery Notice.”

Akhtar has vowed to fight a legal battle against the notice with his lawyer Salman Khan.

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