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Who entitled with the best in the dazzling PISA (Pakistan International Screen Awards) 2021 ceremony?

Pakistan’s most significant award ceremony of PISA was held in majestic Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, two days ago. And the great celebrities participated in the event to the fullest.

This award ceremony included awards for all categories, from models and designers to social media influencers and vloggers. The award distribution was the same as before when everyone got the prize they deserved. But still, there is some natural talent that always gets ignored despite getting nominated.

Some categories and the award winner in those categories of PISA are as follows:

The first and the essential award category is the honorary award, presented to Humayun Saeed for being the best star of the decade.

The second award was presented to Mehwish Hayat in the variety of outstanding contributions in cinema.

Ali Azmat received the PISA rock star award.

PISA Youth Icon’ of the Year Award was represented to Umair Jaswal.

The international celebrities were also invited and served with awards. PISA Global Influencer Award was presented to Emre Üçtepe and Celal Al (Stars of Turkish series Dirilis: Ertugrul). And at last, the most promising model of the year award was given to Faiza Ashfaq.

Like this Honorary award, there were many sections in the ceremony where related celebrities received their awards. Out of them, the most prominent was, social media, music, fashion, and television award categories. That has further distribution according to a different field in the relative category.

Overall, the award night was so mesmerizing, and most of your favorite stars won awards. In the PISA award, Sonya Hussain was nominated and got recognition for the first time, Her name stayed in the news because she has been nominated for many awards, but she didn’t win.