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Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan Episode 08: Shahrukh’s Comical Ride is Laden with Lies

Introducing the new televised couple of the diva Ramsha Khan and versatile actor Ahsan Khan, the comedy-drama serial Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan by 7th Sky Entertainment is turning out to be the latest audience favorite in the comedy category, that goes on air every Sunday.  

With Hawaldaar Sahab discovering the reality of Shahrukh and Glucose’s story in the last episode and kicking them out of their house, this episode was another rollercoaster ride laden with humor.

Starting off with a romance filled scene between the lead couple, the episode revolved around Anushay and her sisters trying to persuade their father to allow Anushay to marry Shahrukh. The mischievous sisters make a forged will of their late mother, meant to blackmail their father and threatened him about Anushay running away with Shahrukh or her attempting suicide. The threat eventually goes wrong and results in Anushay falling off the roof and hurting herself.

This incident, however, goes in favor of the couple, where the sisters help in igniting the situation with a dose of emotions and threats. Resultantly, Hawaldaar Sahab gives in and agrees to meet Shahrukh to have a conversation with him before the official rishta scene.

But of course, the meeting had to turn out to be drastic. First, Shahrukh mistakes him over the phone for someone else and misbehaves with him. The scene was absolutely hilarious!

Next, Komal, who is Shahrukh’s admirer, thinks of Hawaldar Sahab as the latter’s father and tries to impress him in every way possible, and makes him believe that Shahrukh is in love with her. She also reveals Shahrukh’s hatred for Anushay’s father, and in the midst of that climax, the episode ends.

Now that’s another negative point for Shahrukh that he needs to overcome. Will Hawaldar Sahab accept his proposal for his daughter? Should we expect their Valima to take place on the same dates that have been mentioned on the cards? To find out, tune into Geo Entertainment every Sunday at 8 pm.