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“Search in Video” Button Will Allow Users to Search Words Inside YouTube Video Transcripts

Picture: YouTube

Google has been continuously working on improving search results. Recently, it announced that soon users will be able to search words inside a video. As of now, the company is testing this new feature and is working on enhancing the YouTube search results further.

The newly announced feature will not actually be inside the YouTube app. Instead, it will only work once a user enters a specific work to search a video.

Google is very well aware of the users’ struggles when it comes to finding a certain word. Right now, the users have to watch the whole video just to find out the word. With this new feature launching soon, the users will get to know exactly where the word is and how it has been used in a video.

Now whenever a user searches for a video, there will be a “search in video” tab available. As soon as they click on the video, users will be able to access the transcript and see the right usage of the said word in the video.

It is expected that this new feature will specifically benefit YouTube channels that create guides. Their video search results will improve and the traffic on their channels will increase too.

Google itself generates a transcript for every video uploaded on YouTube. This will further enhance the search results and ensure monitored usage of the new feature.

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