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Saudi Arabia’s TAWAL Telecom to Start Operations in Pakistan

Picture: Arab News Pakistan


Good news for Pakistan’s telecommunication industry as Saudi Arabia’s TAWAL Telecom gets an NoC from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The Saudi Telecom (STC) Affiliate has fulfilled all the regulatory requirements to get approvals from the concerned stakeholders. Now TAWAL Telecom has been asked to alter the shareholdings from SECP.

TAWAL owns more than 15,500 towers in Saudi Arabia and has now shown an intention to enter the Pakistani market via AWAL Telecom.

TAWAL Telecom has purchased a stake in AWAL Telecom, a telecom Tower Provider License Company having 70-80 towers nationwide. With its entry in Pakistan, TAWAL intends to construct more towers in Pakistan to facilitate its customers.

Pakistan economy is going through a tough time and TAWAL’s entry seems to be a good sign for the economic stability.

Experts suggest that TAWAL’s presence in Pakistani market is very crucial for the launch of 5G. For introducing 5G, more towers are required and TAWAL being in tower building business can pitch in more ideas and contribute technology required to acquire 5G. So, considering the current situation, this would be a win-win for both the parties involved.

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