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Only 3 universities in Pakistan get 80% development budget from the science ministry

The Ministry of Science and Technology grants 80 percent of its development budget to only three universities, including the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), COMSATS, and National University of Technology (NUTECH), discovered Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology.

He ended the remarks while briefing the Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology, which happened here on Monday with Senator Shafiq Tarin in the chair. Secretary Ministry of Science explained to the committee that 50 percent of the progressive budget of the ministry serves toward the developments of NUST. In comparison, 30 percent is settled for the projects of NUTECH and COMSATS. He further added that the lingering 20 percent budget of the ministry goes to 13 organizations. These foundations get a minor share of the budget owed to poor project scheduling.

NUTECH representatives, while updating the committee about the University’s recital, detailed that the University managed to develop a ventilator on a self-sufficient base. The mass manufacture of the ventilator will be started once its clinical trial is completed. The committee was also up-to-date that the University has developed other world-class medical and industrial goods, including a 3-D printer and a peritoneal dialysis machine.

Rector NUTECH Lt. Gen. Moazzam Ijaz remarked that the University is looking to establish up-to-date water management and research center. NUTECH’s water managing center will convey the planning and application of water-related projects in association with the provinces. In this respect, the center will also subject advisory to national and provincial governments.