New updated in Gmail will amaze you

While Gmail’s desktop version has long embraced machine translation, its smartphone app has lagged behind in offering advanced functionalities.

Traditionally, users on the mobile app have resorted to the arduous task of copying emails and pasting them into Google Translate for translations. Thankfully, this inconvenience is now on the brink of extinction as Gmail takes a significant stride by introducing seamless integrated email translations to its mobile application.

In a recent update on Google’s Workspace Updates blog, the tech giant announced the integration of native translation into the Gmail smartphone app. The process is intuitive: upon opening an email in a foreign language, the app will promptly suggest translating the content for a smoother reading experience.

Similar to Google Translate’s prowess, Gmail’s algorithm will effortlessly identify the email’s original language and provide a translation to the best of its abilities. Presently, the app supports translation for 100 languages, mirroring the offerings of the desktop Gmail version.

If the automatic translation prompt doesn’t appear, the task can still be executed manually via the three-dot menu. Additionally, for specific languages where translation isn’t necessary, users can deactivate the feature through settings. On the flip side, you can also preselect languages for the app to consistently translate.

While native translation is making its way to Gmail’s mobile platform across the globe, it might take a maximum of two weeks before it becomes accessible on your device. This heralds a new era of effortless cross-lingual communication for Gmail users.

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