Google to build life advice AI tool soon

According to a recent New York Times report, Google is collaborating with the DeepMind research lab and the Brain AI team to create an AI-driven life advice capable of responding to questions with an emotional touch.

Say farewell to the flashy life coaches saturating your Instagram feed, as Google is crafting a more subtle yet insightful digital life advice coach. This AI innovation draws upon Google’s extensive language model, known as ‘Bard,’ which is set to broaden its role across 21 different products and applications. One such application involves crafting an AI-powered life coach, designed to offer valuable life guidance.

The New York Times report highlights Google’s ambition to imbue this AI life coach with the ability to respond to critical inquiries while infusing emotional intelligence, rendering its advice more human-like.

Both Google’s Bard AI and OpenAI’s ChatGPT exhibit the capacity to generate human-like responses. However, they are not without their flaws, occasionally succumbing to “AI hallucinations” that lead to erroneous answers or the presentation of inaccurate facts.

Google’s exploration of other applications for Bard AI encompasses tools for generating scientific and creative content. Additionally, there’s a feature in development aimed at assisting journalists in crafting attention-grabbing and effective headlines.

While these emerging tools promise diverse applications and may garner a positive reception upon release, they also usher in questions about their impact on employment, as generative AI continues its march toward automation.

Google, although previously perceived as trailing behind Microsoft in the generative AI race, is steadily narrowing the gap by actively developing real-world AI applications and striving for early releases. Meanwhile, Microsoft remains equally committed to integrating AI into its product portfolio, with even plans to incorporate an image generator into MS Paint.