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Mr Beast Declined An Invitation To ‘Ride The Titanic Sub

’Kind Of Scary That I Could Have Been On It', says Mr Beast

YouTube sensation Me Beast recently revealed on Twitter that he had turned down the opportunity to ride the ill-fated Titanic Sub. The OceanGate Titan, a deep-sea exploration vessel, tragically suffered a catastrophic implosion during a dive, with all five individuals on board presumed to have perished.

Numerous prominent figures have come forward claiming that they too declined the chance to embark on the submersible. Me Beast, in a tweet, hinted that he had received an invitation to witness the remains of the Titanic aboard the OceanGate Titan vessel but ultimately decided against accepting the offer.

Mr Beast: Kind Of Scary That I Could Have Been On It

The popular YouTuber shared a message that indicated an invitation to join what he referred to as “the Titanic submarine.” However, the source of the text and the sender remained unclear, as the accompanying screenshot displayed an anonymous iMessage bubble.

The message suggested enthusiasm from the team, stating, “Also, I am going to the Titanic in a submarine later this month. The team would be stoked to have you along.” Nevertheless, Mr. Beast stated that he declined the proposition, expressing his unease at the thought of potentially being on board the ill-fated submersible. This revelation stirred concern among his vast following, which boasts over 160 million subscribers.

In the wake of the OceanGate Titan’s implosion, the passengers, including OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush and five others, tragically lost their lives. An ongoing investigation seeks to uncover the causes behind the submersible’s catastrophic failure during its descent to the Titanic wreckage.

Several individuals, including British actor Ross Kemp and Las Vegas financier Jay Bloom, have also disclosed that they rejected offers to partake in the ill-fated journey. Bloom claimed that Rush attempted to dismiss his safety concerns, while Kemp’s production company deemed the sub unsuitable for their documentary.

Efforts to recover the wreckage of the OceanGate Titan are underway, with five significant pieces discovered thus far in a large debris field near the bow of the Titanic, approximately 3,800 meters below the ocean’s surface. Captain Neubauer emphasized that investigators would exercise utmost care if human remains are found, and the investigation could potentially lead to enhanced regulations and safety recommendations for submersibles. However, the timeline for completing the investigation remains uncertain.

Furthermore, Cpt Neubauer stressed that search and rescue operations do not involve charging fees, as the value of human life and the perils of the oceanic environment supersede monetary considerations. The priority is always to answer the call for help in such hazardous situations.

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