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Is This Really Coffee That Is Making You Insomniac?

Coffee is one of the most consumed hot beverages across the globe. However, time and again, we get to hear rumours and myths regarding it being dangerous to health.

One of the most believed myth is that coffee disturbs the sleep cycle of a person and makes them an insomniac. But is this really true?

No, it is not. The myth is proved wrong by researchers from Harvard Medical School and Florida Atlantic University. They closely monitored 785 people for 5,164 days and observed their consumption of coffee, nicotine and alcohol.

The sleep patterns of these subjects were recorded and then compared. Surprisingly, no disturbance in sleep was noticed in people who consumed coffee. On the other hand, nicotine and alcohol did affect the sleep cycles of those who consumed them.

Though it is true that coffee has caffeine, which acts as a stimulant to keep us awake but it does not cause insomnia. So, the next time someone tells you that coffee can make you sleepless, you can confidently burst their myth bubble by giving reference of this study.