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Is Generative AI coming on iPhone 16?

Is Generative AI coming on iPhone 16?
Image via GamesArena

Samsung and Google have recently highlighted the significance of AI features in their latest smartphone releases, and now Apple is poised to join the trend. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, hinted at the introduction of generative AI features in the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup during an earnings call, stating that he will discuss these advancements “later this year.”

“In terms of generative AI, which, I’d guess, is your focus, we have a lot of work going on internally as I’ve alluded to before. Our MO, if you will, has always been to do work and then talk about work and not to get out in front of ourselves. And so, we’re going to hold that to this as well. But we’ve got some things that we are incredibly excited about that we’ll be talking about later this year.”

Assumptions are rife that the unveiling of these features will take place at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in the summer, with integration into the iPhone 16 expected to launch in September. Apple’s approach involves completing internal work before making official announcements, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and enhancing user experiences.

The iOS 17.4 code suggests potential applications of AI in Siri for summarization and smart replies in Messages. Apple is actively testing various AI models, including both on-device and internet-dependent options, showcasing a versatile approach. The exploration of AI integration spans across multiple apps like Apple Music, Pages, and Keynote.

This move aligns with the industry-wide trend of incorporating advanced AI capabilities into smartphones. The timing of the generative AI unveiling indicates a strategic alignment with Apple’s annual product release cycle. Apple’s commitment to delivering fully developed and tested features reinforces their focus on not getting ahead of themselves.

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