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How to defeat depression on your own?

Depression is a term that most people use without knowing about it. Sometimes people misunderstand it with anxiety or grief, but these three things are completely incompatible. Depression is a mental ailment having many stages. No matter what stage you’re going through, getting out of it is complicated yet important to eliminate. Before consulting with any psychologist you should take some initial steps yourself so that the psychologist can easily assist you.

There are so many things you can do to avoid this disorder. But when someone is depressed he/she is unable to help themselves.

In that case, one effective step you can apply to yourself that will not only help you to cure depression but also help in defeating other mental or psychological disorders. And that one effort is Gratitude.

Gratitude is the key to your mental peace. The most obvious reason behind depression and anxiety is that people always feel less than others. They start thinking about anything that others have but they don’t because of my reason. Those things can be materialistic or intellectual.

So gratitude helps you to be thankful for things you have. And maybe someone else is deprived of those. You can practice gratitude by being in the moment and stop worrying about anything else. Practicing gratitude is a gradual process but it’s worth it. Being grateful for everything you have or you don’t make you more polite and provide you with another perspective to see the world.

Some quick tips to practice gratitude are here:

  • Stay in the moment and stop thinking about the past or future.
  • Start capturing or writing the happy moments so whenever you feel depressed you can recall those moments.
  • Share your gratitude with others, expressing the gratitude brings your relations closer to you.
  • Always think out of the box, there are
  •  So many opportunities around you that can help you to be a grateful person. Updating your thought process is the first step toward practicing gratitude.

In conclusion, depression is not as simple as it sounds. It can cause severe complications. You can’t take it for granted. Get it checked and let your psychology cure it.

Keep an eye on people around you and try to help them through your words if they’re depressed.