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Stay Away from Cough, Cold and Flu with These Home Remedies

Winter is almost here and so are cough, cold and flu. Since ages, people have been using home remedies to treat these illnesses and guess what? These tips and tricks always work and save you expensive trips to doctors. Besides, if you can recover or boost your immunity with harmless remedies, why turn to a doctor in the first place?

(Please note that these remedies are for treating mild to moderate symptoms. If you have severe cough, flu or cold, please visit a healthcare practitioner)

Here are 3 amazing ways you can get rid of cough, flu and cold without using any medicine.

Stay Hydrated

It is seen that the intake of water reduces in winter. This should not be happening. In fact, you should be consuming more water when you are sick, irrespective of the season, because your body is already dehydrated, especially if you have flu, nausea or diarrhoea. Drink as much water as you can to stay hydrated. If you are tired of drinking only water, you can take juices to fulfil your daily requirement of minerals and vitamins.

Source: Harvard Health

Water is also essential for a healthy and supple skin, which is a bit difficult to maintain in winter. So, keep drinking water for its amazing benefits.

Warm Beverages

Nothing helps you recover from flu better than warm beverages. It is also idea for soothing your throat and chest infection. You can also rely on warm liquids to get rid of nausea.

Simply take warm water or add in a teaspoon of honey in it to expel phlegm from your body. In addition, do gargles few times a day to recover from cough and flu.

Source: Elle Décor

Get Some Rest

When you are down with cough, flu or cold, your body is already tired from fighting these illnesses. Now all it needs is some rest to start over. If you feel like quitting all activities and taking a nap, listen to your body and leave everything. You can catch up on work once you have fully recovered.

Source: The Week

What do you think about these remedies? Now some, share with us in the comments.