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Day 2 of 22nd Young Leaders Conference (YLC) Focuses on Development and Sustainability

Day 2 of 22nd Young Leaders Conference (YLC) Focuses on Development and Sustainability

Karachi, 23rd September 2023 – The 22nd Young Leaders Conference (YLC) kicked off its second day with the theme “NEXT IS DEVELOPMENT & SUSTAINABILITY,” setting the stage for a day of exploration and growth. Waqar Ali took the lead as the day’s champion, emphasizing the importance of developmental leadership, sustainability, and mindfulness in nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Participants gathered after breakfast to receive insights from Waqar Ali on developmental leadership, highlighting adaptability, collaboration, and sustainable growth. Sustainability was a key focus, emphasizing the integration of sustainable practices into leadership. The importance of mindfulness in leadership, fostering self-awareness, empathy, and resilience, was also underscored.

The day was packed with enriching activities, starting with Waqar’s activity related to countries which energized the participants. Irfan Mustafa engaged participants with an exploration of Pakistan’s potential. Case studies on sustainable development were thoroughly examined, while afternoon learn shops provided valuable skills, including sign language and crowdfunding.

There was an activity in collaboration with J. which was designed to explore personal branding/ personal image through the lens of style and self-preferences.

This time J. did setup on Personal Branding Vanity Area, and divided them into separate gents and ladies’ wardrobes respectively, with a wide collection of J. clothes and accessories arranged elegantly.

It was an empowering segment where participants understood the significance of personal branding and Importance of balancing the perception with their personal brand while allowing J. to have a meaningful connection with the participants and establishing a lasting impact on their personal and professional branding.

After this, there were 4 breakout sessions on Sign Language, Art Therapy, Developmental Drama and Crowdfunding.

Waqar Ali conducted a session on personal branding, enhancing participants’ self-presentation skills. Dr. Taha Sabri addressed the rising challenges of mental health. Spotlight sessions featured industry experts and activists, offering diverse perspectives. Kamran Rizvi led an activity focusing on reaffirming core values and reinforcing the conference’s mission.

The day concluded with an entertaining theater performance, leaving participants inspired and motivated.

YLC’s commitment to shaping future leaders, with a focus on development and sustainability, remains unwavering in its 22nd year.

Special thanks to our partners who made YLC 2023 possible for us: EBM, Pathfinder, Kapco, Hubco, J., Feroze 1888, DKT, KFC, Ismail Industries, Holiday express, Amwaj, SoLF, Carnelian, Nucleus, Torque, Jang Media Group, Catalyst, ALIF, UPSTAIRS, Carving, Movenpick.