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Shaheen Afridi’s picture is hyped up on social media

Shaheen Afridi picture roaming on the internet is getting so much attention after winning the T20 world cup match from New Zealand.

People are thanking Shaheen Afridi for providing them with the best meme template of 2021. Maybe Pakistanis had never seen Shaheen with that much focus as they did after his fantastic performance against India and New Zealand. The first time when someone started noticing his face gesture tweeted his picture with a caption that,” Shaheen Afridi always looks like he knows something about you.”

Folks on social media are also comparing him with the world’s well-known influencer Hasbullah.

And here are some more because it’s time for memers to praise their favorite cricketer in their way.

The nation is proud of Shaheen Afridi and his performance in all the world cup matches, specially INDvsPAK. He is becoming the reason for the smile on so many faces. I hope he keeps giving his best in upcoming games as well.