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Atif Aslam Embraces “Ajnabi” on Snack Video

Atif Aslam Embraces “Ajnabi” on Snack Video

Karachi – 24th September 2021: Superstar and global music icon Atif Aslam is now on Pakistan’s fastest growing short video platform.  Earlier this week, Atif shared a couple of promo videos on SnackVideo to announce his upcoming song “Ajnabi” set to release on September 25th.

Atif Aslam’s posts have been trending on SnackVideo as his fans and Snackers are excited to welcome their favourite music star on board and desperately waiting for the release. The sneak peeks also revealed Pakistan’s sweetheart Mahira Khan collaborating with Atif in the music video of “Ajnabi”.

In fact, these promo videos on SnackVideo have gotten immense attention and Atif Aslam’s account attracted 30K followers on the platform in just a day, while the first video exceeded 500K views and is growing.

Atif’s new song is an exciting opportunity for music lovers and talented video creators to join the world of SnackVideo, to sing out loud, show some dance moves and groove on “Ajnabi”. To find out who the “Ajnabi” is, stay tuned on Snack Video.