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Amazon Unveils ‘Rufus’: AI-Powered Shopping Assistant for Personalized Recommendations

Image via AFP

Amazon has unveiled “Rufus,” a cutting-edge AI-powered shopping assistant aimed at transforming the online shopping experience. Trained on Amazon’s vast product catalog and insights gathered from across the web, Rufus is designed to provide highly personalized recommendations to users. Initially launching in beta for select US customers, Rufus will progressively expand its availability.

Accessible through Amazon’s mobile app, Rufus engages with customers to assist in product discovery and comparisons. From offering general product suggestions to aiding in specific occasions like Valentine’s Day gift ideas, Rufus responds to a variety of queries. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy emphasizes that Rufus is in its early stages, with plans for continuous personalization and expansion.

This AI assistant marks Amazon’s commitment to enhancing customer engagement through advanced technologies. The launch of Rufus aligns with Amazon’s broader strategy to remain at the forefront of technological innovation in the e-commerce landscape. Andy Jassy expresses excitement about Rufus’s potential impact on simplifying product discovery for customers, foreseeing continuous improvements and expansions to enrich the overall shopping experience.

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