Enhanced Security: Google Chrome to Warn Users About Risky Browser Extensions

Google Chrome, along with various internet browsers, hosts a plethora of extensions notorious for their intrusive ads and pop-ups. These extensions often pose security risks, potentially leading to malware, scams, or fraudulent activities. Fortunately, Google Chrome is taking a proactive stance by implementing a new warning system for such extensions.

The tech giant is currently in the testing phase of a feature that alerts users when a browser extension has been removed from the Chrome Web Store, typically a red flag indicating potential malware presence. These troublesome extensions are frequently crafted by scammers or malicious actors aiming to compromise user privacy or even gain control over their devices. Their tactics include injecting ads, redirecting users to affiliate sites, tracking search histories, and more.

The concerning aspect is that these malware-laden extensions tend to proliferate as quickly as Google can remove them. Even if Google identifies and removes an extension as malware from the Chrome Web Store, it often remains installed in users’ browsers. This is where Google’s new Safety Check feature steps in to mitigate the risks.

Safety Check for extensions is slated to launch with Chrome update 117. However, it is currently available for public testing in Chrome 116. Users can access it within the browser’s experimental ‘Extensions Module in Safety Check’ feature, providing an early opportunity to enhance their browsing security.

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