YouTube to get AI-powered dubbing soon

YouTube to get AI-powered dubbing soon

Amjad Hanif, Vice President of Product Management at YouTube, has revealed that the platform has conducted successful tests of an AI-powered dubbing feature in languages such as English, Portuguese, and Spanish, with plans for expansion to more languages in the future.

This innovation aims to address the language divide on YouTube, where approximately 52% of content is produced in English, leaving non-English speakers and English-only users unable to fully access half of the platform’s offerings.

Recognizing this issue, YouTube has collaborated with Aloud, an AI-powered dubbing service that provides automatic transcription and dubbing capabilities. The upcoming tool will allow translated audio tracks to sound like the creator’s voice, maintaining expression and lip-sync accuracy.

YouTube’s AI-Powered Dubbing Tool: Bridging Language Barriers for Global Content Accessibility

The release of this feature holds great promise for YouTube creators producing content in lesser-explored languages. It is expected to bring a significant increase in views and subscribers, as their content gains global outreach and becomes accessible to a broader audience.

This seemingly small yet powerful AI-driven feature has the potential to unite people from different nationalities and languages, fostering a better understanding of diverse cultures, lives, and values. By breaking down language barriers, YouTube aims to create a more inclusive platform that connects individuals worldwide on a deeper level.

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