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Twitter’s Head of Safety and Trust Resigns Amid Advertiser Struggles

Ella Irwin, the head of Safety and Trust at Twitter, has announced her resignation from the social media platform during a challenging period. Twitter has been grappling with retaining advertisers due to concerns about inadequate safeguards against harmful content, particularly since Elon Musk assumed control of the company.

Irwin, like many other recent top hires, joined Twitter just two months prior to Musk’s $43 billion acquisition of the platform. Following the transition, she quickly rose to the position of head of safety and trust, succeeding Yoel Roth, who resigned upon Musk’s arrival.

When media outlets sought clarification regarding Irwin’s departure, they received an automated response consisting of a ‘poop emoji.’ Meanwhile, Irwin has chosen to remain silent on the matter, offering no public statement regarding the specifics of her resignation.

Irwin’s departure from Twitter coincides with the platform’s struggle to retain advertisers, as numerous brands continue to boycott Twitter advertisements due to concerns about associating their brand with inappropriate content.

Since Elon Musk’s acquisition, Twitter has undergone significant changes. Valued at $15 billion after being purchased for $44 billion, the company has witnessed a wave of employee resignations and terminations. Additionally, Twitter has been grappling with revenue challenges amid the ongoing advertising crisis.

Musk has introduced a new feature called ‘Community Notes,’ allowing users to provide additional context to their tweets for improved understanding. Furthermore, he has appointed Linda Yaccarino, formerly the advertising chief at Universal, as the new CEO of Twitter.

The platform is also facing heightened scrutiny from regulators, particularly in the European Union, regarding content moderation and related issues.