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Threads by Meta Launches in Europe, Aiming to Revive Global Appeal

Threads by Meta Launches in Europe, Aiming to Revive Global Appeal

Meta’s social media app, Threads, has finally made its debut in the European Union, marking its entry into the market five months after the app’s global release. Initially positioned as a direct competitor to Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter), Threads faced hurdles in the EU due to the region’s stringent data and tech regulations. The app gained attention globally, amassing over 100 million users within its first week, but witnessed a decline in numbers subsequently.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, extended a warm welcome to European users in a Threads post as the platform seeks to carve a niche in the EU social media landscape. Meta aims to revive interest in Threads by emphasizing “significant improvements” made since its initial launch in July, addressing initial shortcomings that contributed to a dip in user engagement. Notably, the absence of a website and search function impacted the app’s appeal in its early stages.The introduction of Threads in the EU comes with enhancements, particularly in interoperability with Instagram, another platform within Meta’s ecosystem. Users in the EU now have the option to create a Threads profile connected to their Instagram account or use Threads without creating a profile.Despite facing challenges and experiencing a notable drop in user numbers three weeks after its global launch, Threads has made efforts to bounce back by introducing new features that have helped regain traction. However, it still lags behind Elon Musk’s X and other popular services like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook within the broader Meta ecosystem. As Threads seeks to establish itself in the EU, Meta remains committed to refining the app’s features and user experience to compete effectively in the dynamic social media landscape.

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