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Netflix: Users spent 812 million hours watching The Night Agent

Netflix: Users spent 812 million hours watching The Night Agent
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In a groundbreaking move towards transparency, Netflix has unveiled viewer data for 99% of its content, a significant departure from its historically guarded approach. “The Night Agent,” a political thriller, emerged as the streaming giant’s most-watched show globally in the first half of the year, clocking an impressive 812 million hours of viewing.

This move follows criticism aimed at Netflix for its lack of transparency regarding content performance, a focal point during recent Hollywood strikes. The strikes were centered on demands from actors and writers for increased royalties, particularly for successful shows distributed on streaming platforms like Netflix. The absence of data on show popularity had created a sense of mistrust within the creative community, as acknowledged by co-chief executive Ted Sarandos.

Sarandos clarified that Netflix had maintained privacy around viewer data during its growth phase to experiment without divulging critical information to potential competitors. Sharing viewer data on such a broad scale is considered a substantial step forward for both Netflix and the industry at large. The released data covers a vast majority of Netflix’s catalog, offering insights into the viewership patterns of a diverse range of content.

In a blog post, the company emphasized the importance of this shift, signaling a departure from its previous stance on keeping viewer data confidential. This transparency initiative seeks to address industry concerns, fostering trust and collaboration with creators, actors, and writers. It marks a pivotal moment as Netflix takes strides toward a more open and accountable approach to content performance metrics.

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