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The New Ad Film of Faisal Town is out now!

Rehnay Ki Jagah Faisal Town

Recently, Faisal Town Group released its first-ever advert film portraying its values and vision as an organization. It is the first time a development group broke the norms of hard selling and highlighting its underlined intentions behind and other than the competitors it’s been showcasing its real development. The Director of the film, Rafay Rumi is giving a glimpse of rare human emotions. The film started getting the attention of viewers within a few minutes of its release. The role of the main character beautifully portrayed by Simi Raheal revolves around the themes of women’s security and freedom. The conceived frames of Sameer Hamdani, a very creative and diverse D.O.P is taking this film to another level. Ali Mustafa, the Sound Designer of this film told us a very interesting fact about the sound design of this project. As we listen closely to every sound, it gives a certain kind of nostalgic feeling from the voice of the ‘Shehnai’, voices in the kitchen, birds chirping on the balcony of the house to the voice of an old landlord and crackling voice of old motorbike, every sound is depicting the exact emotional condition of the character. The mother is facing the nostalgia of relocation in this film. One can imagine how it is for a woman to leave a house that she entered as a young bride. Now, she is leaving everything behind including her birds and old friends. But the most difficult thing for her is to leave the memories of her late husband and family behind. The only thing she is taking with her is a plant and the pain of relocation for both is similar. She is disturbed and gloomy, due to the fear of moving, deep down she is not ready to leave that rented house. But her new house already has a special place for the plant, both of them are seen blossoming in the new place.

She got much confidence here that she can pick up her granddaughter from school by herself, she can visit the park alone, talk to the neighbors freely, and can go to the market without any help.  

Riza Shah, the Production Designer of the film added that creating an old neighborhood on the sixth floor was the most tedious task, but every team member worked hard to make it possible.

“It took the director almost three months to finalize the idea. Finding an appropriate mother was a daunting task, Simi Raheal, after a very long time is shining throughout the film. She is excellently portraying the role of a widow, a mother, a mother-in-law, and a grandmother all in this one film. Hats off to her, she pulled herself out and worked diligently with the young team. We have learned a lot from her experience and we are putting out words of thanks everywhere for her,” narrated Riza Shah while touching down his memory lane about filming the advert.

This Ad Film is produced by Faisal Town to display an ideal living space under the notion of ‘Rehnay Ki Jagah’. The director added a fresh perspective to boost the confidence of the women in society whether young or old that there is no time or age to do or achieve what you want in your life.

“Proudly presenting this Ad film titled ‘Rehnay Ki Jagah’ showcasing women’s security, independence, and the transition of thoughts from being isolated to taking ownership. We are also grateful for aur network, a new group of channels in the media & entertainment industry, that provided me with this rare chance,” said Rafay Rumi while talking to a journalist.

The sense of security for a young pregnant woman is picturized in a unique way to show that a female can visit the hospital alone in a society like Faisal Town.

Riza Shah said that the media must highlight the salient features of newly emerged housing projects. The style of ‘gated community’ is getting famous due to a sense of security and females are enjoying their life there. Women’s empowerment is all about making them feel safer so that they can do whatever they want and walled cities like Faisal Town are the best example of safe housing societies in the country. “Let me say, aur network and Faisal Town’s management helped us to a large extent while working on the project. For their unconditional support, I am thankful. I hope this film will open new intellectual vistas among viewers” Riza said.

Rehnay Ki Jagah | Faisal Town – YouTube