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Sonya Hussyn’s Befitting Reply To A Troll on her post

Sonya Hussyn is one of the most acclaimed Pakistani actresses who plays every role so perfectly, viewers end up loving her characters. While there are many people who like her acting, some just look up for opportunities to bully the actress for nonsensical reasons.

The “Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida” famed starlet recently came across a social media user who tried shaming her for all the wrong reasons and failed terribly. The user suggested the actress to control her bra straps while shooting for dramas and Sonya Hussyn gave a shut-up call, we all love because of it being absolutely true.

Credit: Sonya Hussyn – Instagram

Sonya jumped into the reply section and asked the user to stop making women uncomfortable all the time.

The actress replied, “So??? What if it is visible? Why is that a problem for you? “Bra” hoti hi isiliye hai ke ap jese body scanners se breast chupaya ja sakay. But if you are still getting distracted or aroused by a piece of clothing than it is your problem, buddy. Stop making women uncomfortable all the time.”

Credit: Sonya Hussyn – Instagram

Sonya Hussyn is a versatile actress who has played several major roles in famous dramas. The best thing about her is that each of her roles are different from the others. She sure knows how to keep her audience involved and engaged via her acting skills.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida and Saraab are three superhit dramas that became the identity of Sonya Hussyn this year. Her top notch performances made these dramas worth watching for the audiences who enjoy watching something new on their screens. The actress was exceptionally well in Ishq Zahe Naseeb and even the critics applaud her acting in it.

Credit: Sonya Hussyn – Instagram