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Ring Doorbell Users Upset Over Steep Price Hike

Ring Doorbell Users Upset Over Steep Price Hike

Ring video doorbell users are voicing their frustration over a significant price increase scheduled to take effect in March. The subscription fee for cloud storage and other services is set to rise by 43%, jumping from £34.99 to £49.99 per device annually for basic plan customers.

This steep price hike has sparked backlash from customers, many of whom are criticizing the move and threatening to cancel subscriptions or boycott the company altogether. Despite the outcry, Amazon, the owner of Ring, stands by its decision, arguing that it still provides competitive value to consumers.

The basic plan fee has doubled since 2022, when it was £24.99 per device annually. Additionally, monthly charges for Ring customers will also see an increase, rising from £3.49 to £4.99.

Users are expressing disappointment, especially since the price hike does not come with any additional benefits. While the option to use Ring products without a subscription still exists, it now offers fewer features.

Consumer advocacy group Which? has called on Ring to justify the steep increase, particularly in light of the current economic climate with rising living costs. This move could potentially tarnish Amazon’s reputation for providing value, despite market research indicating a growing adoption of smart security products like Ring.

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