Prime Minister’s Women on Wheels: Empowering Women with 22,000 Motorbikes

Prime Minister's Women on Wheels: Empowering Women with 22,000 Motorbikes

The Prime Minister’s Women on Wheels program aims to distribute 22,000 motorbikes to women across the country, benefiting various segments of society. The initiative will have a positive impact on businesswomen, students, teachers, health workers, and women employed in government or semi-government institutions.

The implementation of this program will be carried out by the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) in accordance with government directives. The NCSW expressed their enthusiasm, stating that they are honored to be entrusted with the Women on Wheels project, which is valued at Rs. 4476.17 million. This initiative is expected to enhance women’s mobility, empowering them both economically and socially.

According to the report, only permanent women employees will receive these motorbikes. The distribution of scooters will take place between August and November, with female employees paying a monthly installment ranging from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000, depending on their employment status.

The Women on Wheels program goes beyond providing women with the means to ride bikes. It also focuses on creating awareness about road safety and regulations. Additionally, the initiative aims to empower women financially by offering job opportunities as delivery service providers through partnerships with private sector companies.

Furthermore, the program aims to support women from underprivileged backgrounds who aspire to ride bikes but face financial constraints. It is worth noting that the record shows a minimal number of traffic violations committed by women car drivers last year, highlighting their adherence to traffic rules.

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