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Instagram Introduces In-App Schedule Tool for Limited Users

Photo Credits: Reuters

The photo sharing app has been constantly rolling out new features and updates to facilitate content creators and businesses. Recently, Instagram has introduced the facility of in-app schedule for these users to plan posts beforehand.

The feature will be very useful for businesses and content creators allowing them to select a specific date and time for a certain post.

The latest tool to schedule posts will render third party-apps that are offering competitive services including Meta’s Creator Studio.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Instagram will now allow certain users to schedule photos, carousels and even reels for the next 75 days in advance.

The feature was widely tested and after the successful results, it was officially launched to the global Instagram businesses and content creators.

Businesses and content creators who would like to use this feature will start off by creating a post like they do, however, instead of publishing the post, they will click on Advanced Settings to access toggle from where they can schedule the post for posting later. The users will also have to select the time and date of posting. From here, they will have to go back to the original post they were creating and click on Schedule. The scheduled post is easily accessible to the hamburger menu.

As of now, the feature is only available to the businesses and content creators. There is no information about the availability of this feature to the ordinary users yet.

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