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I am proud of my work for my country Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan

Hero To East
Villain To West
The AQ Khan.

“I am proud of my work for my country “

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

Pakistan Nuclear Physicist breathed his last today in Islamabad. His work and passion for Pakistan will remain unmatchable. He was born a star and died as a saviour. From His childhood till today he loved his country and nation with all his heart.

Moreover, Abdul Qadeer Khan was born on 1 April 1936 in Bhopal a city of India did his matriculation from a local school in Bhopal, 1952 Khan emigrated from India to Pakistan via Sindh mail the train, partly due to differences in politics briefly attended the DJ Science College before transferring to Karachi University where he graduated in 1956 with a (BSc) in physics with a concentration on Solid physics From 1956 to 1959, Khan was working in Karachi Metropolitan Cooperation as an Inspector of weights and measures, and meanwhile applying for a scholarship that
allowed him to study in Germany.

In 1961, Khan departed for West Germany to study Materialistic science at the Technical University in Germany Berlin where he progressed with excellence in courses in metallurgy but Switched his university to delft technology of Netherlands.

Furthermore, in In1967, Mr Khan achieved his degree in Material sciences and joined the doctoral program of Metallurgical Engineering at the Catholic University of Belgium. He was invited to Pakistan by Za Bhutto was asked and chaired nuclear meetings with forces. He was a master of uranium and made Pakistan Nuclear power in May 1998
while his efforts paid off. Several of his Laboratories were installed by him.

He was awarded Hilal e Imtiaz and made several Records while the west tried to defame him. He was entitled Mohsin e Pakistan by making Pakistan the first Muslim country with nuclear weapons.

Dr Abdul Qadeer khan not only made Pakistan nuclear power but put his hard work into succession for the whole nation and showed his love towards his nation and always tried his best to serve this country as much as possible. His last wish was that his whole nation would pray his funerals at their desired residencies. Hence He was he is and he
will be a hero in Pakistan

Writer: Sharmeen Asif Hussain Siddiqui