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How can WhatsApp history be transferred between iPhone and android 12?

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app globally, as iPhones and androids have different features. Transferring data between these two has always been a difficult task for users. Not only data, the whole interfaces, hardware, and software of apps are also different.

Though iPhone allowed transferring WhatsApp data to Android some time ago, it was only permitted in Samsung mobile phones. But now, they have allowed the transfer of WhatsApp data between iPhone and all Android 12.

It’s effortless to allocate WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android. All you need to do is take a USB-C connector to connect your iPhone and Android phone. After this, you will be prompted with the initial setup on the Android cellphone, which will ask you to scan a QR code on the iPhone. Scanning the QR code will introduce WhatsApp and move all your chats, media, documents, etc., to your Android smartphone.

According to reports, this feature will be available by the end of 2021. Because there are chances that Android 12 will be available to a massive number of people worldwide. It seems like technology is also compromising to make everything available for people in the easiest way. We will be seeing extensive changes in technology, especially mobile phone technology and apps, soon.