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Hoga Saaf Pakistan’s Strong Presence at the Climate March Played a Key Role in its Success

Hoga Saaf Pakistan’s Strong Presence at the Climate March Played a Key Role in its Success

The world is under great pressure considering the global climate change that is about to sabotage the habitat of 8 billion people. To bring the consequences into consideration of those who have been ignoring this for too long, people from across 26 cities in Pakistan joined the narrative and raised their voices against the ongoing climate crisis. A hundred banners were held up in a crowd with slogans which included “Mil kay lagayen gay jaan tou hoga saaf Pakistan” and “The climate crisis won’t wait, so neither will we.” The attendees shared their stories about the result of global warming and then marched on one of the sides of the busy Abdullah Haroon Road.

Karachi, being a coastal city, has become progressively aware of the change in weather conditions. Since 2015, it has experienced the deadliest heat wave resulting in about 1,200 deaths. With the climate crisis reaching an all-time scary place, there is a need to play our part to preserve our future. Dettol and Hoga Saaf Pakistan are on a mission to set our priorities right with their initiative. Joining hands with the government’s “Clean and Green Pakistan” movement, Hoga Saaf Pakistan’s objective was to give the greatest priority to cleanliness; the most significant need for the country at the moment.

With the mass turn up at the Climate March, quite a few celebrities came out to show their support to this important cause. Holding up banners to demand a cleaner and greener Pakistan and to save our future; the stars became a part of the narrative for the betterment of our country.

Ali Rehman Khan 

Sanam Saeed

Shaniera Akram

Rachel Viccaji

For a better future, people from all over Pakistan joined hands with Hoga Saaf Pakistan in making an effort to have a clean and green Pakistan. Hoga Saaf Pakistan has flourished with the role it has managed to play in the march for the betterment of the environment and hopefully, the outcomes of these civil protests will help in shaping a bright future for our youth.