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Google’s Photo Stacks Feature Now Available for Android Users

Google's Photo Stacks Feature Now Available for Android Users
Image via Google

Google is introducing a new feature named ‘Photo Stacks’ in its Photos app, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to intelligently group similar images. Initially available to some iOS users, the feature is now rolling out to Android users, offering an innovative way to organize photos into stacks or mini albums. The AI algorithm automatically places the best shot on top, minimizing clutter. Users have the flexibility to customize the cover image or disable the feature according to their preferences.

Eligible accounts can enable Photo Stacks by launching the Google Photos app, and the toggle can be found in the app settings accessed through the profile picture icon. The rollout has been gradual, initially reaching iOS users and now extending to Android, with some users experiencing delays.

With the ability to create stacks of up to 100 photos, the feature requires images backed up on Google’s cloud servers. Google Photos backup may need to be enabled for eligibility. Additionally, the app will categorize screenshots and documents into separate albums, enhancing overall gallery organization.

Google aims to extend the Photo Stacks feature to more Android users in the coming days, although the server-side update means that users may have to wait varying durations for it to appear on their devices. This AI-driven feature is part of Google’s ongoing commitment to enhancing photo organization and user experience within its Photos app.

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