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Google and Samsung are still ahead of Apple in phone support

Google and Samsung are still ahead of Apple in phone support

Unlike the Android world where Google and Samsung and other makers of leading devices assure a minimum of seven years with software support, Apple has historically not been specific on the duration. However, new UK regulations appear to have prompted a change in direction by Apple.

Some products are governed by the UK’s Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) regulations that stipulate minimum support periods. Consequently, Apple has now officially announced five years as its base period for updating software on its latest iPhone line-up including iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Nonetheless, this is just a starting point since it is less than what other firms provide; two years lesser than Google and Samsung. It should also be remembered that this at least is their lowest duty bound; in fact iPhones have been supported beyond five years historically.

This announcement represents a turning point for Apple as it marks their first declaration ever about longevity of software assistance rather than relying on user feedback and history. However, this is not a global announcement like we see with Android manufacturers, but it sets some parameters under which Apple’s support timeline can be measured against those of the competitors.

Whether or not this represents a fundamental shift in Apple’s software support strategy is up for debate, nevertheless it shows increasing awareness of the significance of software updates in today’s smartphone environment.

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