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YLC 2022: Revive – Enterprise and Employment

Karachi [Pakistan] July 28th, 2022 – The Young Leadership Conference on developmental and leadership skills is on its high measures in terms of flourishing the individuals and eager learners will still get themselves fruitful with knowledge and experience till 28th July 2022 at Dreamworld Resort, Karachi. The conference is about to enter its concluding phase where participants will have more avenues to explore. 

With this year’s theme “Pehchaan” our honorable speakers had initially talked about “Realization & Personal Leadership” followed by “Reconstruction & Developmental Leadership” and then “Rejoicing Art & Culture” where we aim to embark on a journey of finding ourselves and pushing ourselves to unlearn the complexities, focused on building a conversation on personal development and how to be set free from the chains of stereotypes and taboos. We also explored how art is regardless and beyond paintings and drawings, it is a way of bringing people together and moving beyond their differences as they build a deeper connection.

YLC’ 2022 – the agenda of day 04 was “Revive – Enterprise and Employment” moderated by Waqar Ali as the day champ! The participants were engaged in an activity in which they had to prepare their own breakfast with limited resources and had to sell it to different teams, after this session the day  started on a high note with a session by Shabbar Zaidi on the Current Economic Crisis from the Opportunistic Eye where he defined in times of crisis we instantly think of downfall, we think of inflation and cut downs. However, when there is a problem there is always an even bigger opportunity. In this session participants learned how to view a crisis through an opportunistic lens, to not give up hope but rather to find the silver lining and take action.

Followed by an immensely focused segment on Professional Excellence from the Eyes of Masters where notable speakers like Roofi Jamil, Mazhar Valjee and Sibtain Jiwani enlightened us that we frequently head and see our youth complaining about the lack of job opportunities and lack of assistance for their startup businesses, but is this truly the case? The expert panel went through great details about what is required to succeed in your career. The section exclusively covered the resources that can assist participants in launching their professional careers.

After a tea break, Arsal Fahim honored us with his session on Money Matters: Money Matters where he explained unlike the first world economies, the youth in Pakistan are often not concerned and consequently not well equipped to make smart financial decisions. To develop financial literacy, a facilitator conducted a simulation, Money Matters, in which teams were allotted individual profiles and corresponding budgets. They were presented with multiple scenarios to practice budgeting, investing their money and witnessing the outcomes of their decisions to make them more comfortable making financial decisions.

A chain of breakout sessions was conducted on Business Communications Unzip, Rich Vs Wealthy, Brand Yourself and Freelancing by Faizan Arafat, Ammar Sabzwari, Arsal Fahim and Saad Bakhtiar respectively.

After the second tea time coaching by the partners, Segment speaker Kamran Rizvi graced his session on Investing in Relationships where he highlighted the importance of building and maintaining long-lasting relationships in the industry and brushing up on the participants’ networking skills.

Later Shireen Naqvi & Team YLC conducted a session on Hunger Banquet where participants were invited to attend a meal where they learned about world hunger and poverty. What they didn’t know before the meal is that they were going to be placed in randomly assigned groups to perform certain assignments.

Day Champ Waqar Ali concluded the day with a very in-depth conversation in which he highlighted how one should own themselves and should never let anything down their guards. He further talked about “Shukr” and “Sabr”. The session was named “Kun-Faya-Kun” which participants thoroughly enjoyed and ended the day with lots of love, hugs and well wishes!   

The event has been sponsored by many notable organizations; Peek Freanz (EBM), FNF, J, DKT, Ibex, Habib Metro Bank, KIA Motors, KFC, Bookmyspot, Raagistan, Hubco, KAPCO, MSS, Catalyst, Amwaj, Torque, Nucleus, upstairs, carving, Alif, SoLf, Torque,while Jang Press, Geo, The News and Suno FM 89.4 will be performing their duties as official media partners and official radio partners respectively.