Yango Pakistan Enhances Safety Features for Pakistan Safety Awareness Month

Credit: Yango Pakistan

In celebration of “Pakistan Safety Awareness Month”, International ride-hailing service Yango, part of global tech company Yango is introducing an extensive range of advanced safety features that will protect both drivers and passengers. These enhancements demonstrate Yango‚Äôs unwavering commitment to delivering a secure and reliable ride-hailing experience.

As part of the safety campaign, Yango requires drivers to upload a profile photo during registration. This allows passengers to verify the driver’s identity by comparing the photo in the app with the driver who arrives. Drivers must also upload photos of their driver’s licence and car. These documents are thoroughly checked, and drivers can only start accepting orders once they pass the verification process.

Available in the passenger‚Äôs app, the Safety Center provides several critical safety features, including an SOS button for emergencies, a Share Route button for real-time trip sharing, and an Emergency Situation button for additional support. Passengers can add trusted contacts and choose how frequently ride details are shared with them. This ensures that someone always knows the passenger’s location during a ride. In case of an emergency, passengers can use the SOS button to contact local authorities directly from the app for immediate assistance.

Passengers can share detailed trip information, such as the route, driver’s name, and car plate number, with their contacts, providing an additional layer of security. Passengers can also view the driver’s rating, which is based on feedback from other passengers, helping them choose drivers with higher ratings for a safer ride experience.

When a driver accepts a booking, they can view the passenger’s rating based on feedback from other drivers. Additionally, after each trip, drivers can fill out a rating form to provide feedback on the passenger, helping maintain a respectful and safe environment. When accepting an order, drivers can see the passenger’s name, allowing for easier identification and communication.

Yango has a dedicated Support Incident Team to address any conflicts or urgent issues between drivers and passengers. This team provides 24/7 assistance and is specially trained to handle sensitive situations, ensuring that drivers feel supported and protected.

Yango Pakistan’s comprehensive safety features are a testament to its commitment to protecting both drivers and passengers. By implementing these measures, Yango continues to set the standard for safety in the ride-hailing industry, ensuring a secure and reliable experience for all users. These initiatives highlight the importance of safety and encourage the adoption of best practices across the ride-hailing community.

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