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Xiaomi begins electric car sales

Xiaomi begins electric car sales

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi is poised to make its mark in the automotive industry with the imminent delivery of its first electric vehicle (EV) this month. As anticipation builds, Xiaomi is set to unveil the car’s price on March 28th, signaling its ambitious entry into the competitive automotive market.

With 59 stores spanning 29 cities across China, Xiaomi is strategically positioned to capture consumer interest and facilitate orders for its EV. The move comes amid escalating competition in China’s automotive landscape, with established players like BYD and Tesla vying for dominance in the world’s largest car market.

Xiaomi’s foray into electric vehicles aligns with its long-term vision articulated by CEO Lei Jun, who aims to position the company among the top five car makers globally. Bolstered by a substantial investment of $10 billion over the next decade, Xiaomi is banking on cutting-edge technology, including the “super electric motor” featured in its Speed Ultra 7 (SU7), to rival established EV brands.

Notably, Xiaomi’s integration of the car’s operating system with its existing ecosystem of smartphones and devices is poised to resonate with its extensive customer base. Moreover, Xiaomi’s approval from Chinese authorities underscores its credibility as a new player in the electric car market, amidst efforts to regulate the influx of competitors.

Produced by a subsidiary of state-owned BAIC Group at a Beijing plant with an annual capacity of 200,000 vehicles, Xiaomi’s entry promises to inject fresh competition into the industry. The announcement of Xiaomi’s venture into automobiles has triggered a surge in investor confidence, reflected in a more than 10% jump in Xiaomi’s shares in Hong Kong.

As Tesla and local rivals engage in a price war to capture market share, Xiaomi’s disruptive entry adds a new dimension to China’s rapidly evolving EV landscape, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown among industry titans.

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