Unopened Iphone from 2002 sold for a whopping price in auction

Unopened Iphone from 2002 sold for a whopping price in auction

The sale of an unopened first generation iPhone 4GB, nearly 400 times its original price, has captured attention. This rare device, which dates back 15 years, recently fetched a staggering $190,372 (PKR 5.25 Crore) at an auction.

While the latest iPhone models may already strain the wallet, older versions seem to command even higher prices. Collectors consider the first generation iPhone to be a “holy grail,” as it is rarely available. Furthermore, the 4GB variant is even more scarce, as it was produced in limited quantities and discontinued shortly after its launch.

The auction for this exceptionally rare, factory-sealed collectible was conducted by LCG Auctions. They received a total of over 28 bids, with the highest bid reaching a remarkable 400 times the original price of the first generation iPhone.

LCG Auctions describes the iPhone as an “exceedingly rare, factory-sealed, first-release 4GB model in exceptional condition.” The device is noted to be virtually flawless, with clean surface, edges, and a tightly intact factory seal displaying accurate seam details.

Initially sold for $599, it was anticipated that the phone would fetch around $50,000 to $100,000. However, it shattered all previous records by selling for an astonishing $190,000.

This event is not the first time that Apple collectors have spent vast sums on collectibles. They have also acquired Apple memorabilia and relics associated with the company’s founder, Steve Jobs. These items include a poem he wrote in a high school yearbook, his college photos, and even some of his business cards.

Considering the remarkable price tag of this rare iPhone, would you be willing to make such a purchase? Share your thoughts in the comments below.