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Hundreds of Twitter employees resign, what will be the future of Twitter

Users on Twitter are saying their final goodbyes, as they anticipate a crash at any moment. Many people are waiting for a possible shutdown, but those who have joined the party later simply want to understand what is happening around them. We’ve got everything, so chill out.

On Thursday, a big number of workers resigned from their positions at the corporation. Why? The reason is, Twitter CEO Elon Musk had an aspiration for “Twitter 2.0” that necessitates “long hours at great intensity”. The new “very hardcore” version is mandatory, or they will be let go with severance pay. So, 42% out of 180 people picked the “Taking exit option, I’m free!”¬†

An estimated 1,200 full-time workers resigned on Thursday. Before this month’s round of layoffs, the company employed over 7,500 full-time workers; now, that number has been cut by nearly half to around 3,700.

As of right now, Twitter has informed its staff that the company’s offices would be closed temporarily. The BBC has confirmed that its staff has received an internal memo stating that the business will return on Monday, November 21. There was no explanation given for the change.

A continuation of the message read, “Please continue to comply with the business policy by refraining from disclosing confidential corporate data on social media, with the press, or elsewhere.”

Users are concerned that there will be no one to monitor the system or address the issues if Twitter’s headquarters are temporarily closed and senior leadership leaves. As evidenced by the poor performance of the internal site and the reports of a potential site failure, this is very important.

Users are worried about the future of their favorite app, but they are keeping a lighthearted tone on Twitter. In order to deal with the unpleasant scenario, many people throughout the world have reverted to the universal coping technique of creating memes.  Even Musk, of all people, has joined in the fun.