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How to transfer pictures from your phone to a PC

Smartphones are the handiest and most accessible to most of the world’s population. With every passing day, these smartphones are bringing extraordinary revolution leaving behind the usage of heavy devices like laptops and PC, etc. smartphones are replacements for PC, but along with their benefits, there are some drawbacks as well, that’s why we cannot deny the importance of PC in this age.

 Back in the day, 2GB RAM and 512GB storage was a big deal for computers, but now we are getting much better storage and RAM amalgamation on our smartphones. From time to time, our phone storage is insufficient for users, and we have to transfer the data to a PC instead of deleting them all.

When we replace our old smartphone with an updated one, which also needs us to back up our data to a PC, if you have an Android phone, then you can transfer your data to a PC without any problems. Android operating system lets you access their file systems right from a PC which is not an option for iPhone operators.

So, if you’re looking for ways to transfer data from mobile to PC, you have reached the right place. Here is a simple and easy guideline to perform this function.

  • To transfer your data like images, videos, downloads, WhatsApp media, Music, and more from your smartphone to a Windows computer, you have to connect both devices with the help of a USB cable, which is recommendable because it’s one of the fastest ways to transfer data.
  • Accept permission to transfer data on both devices, which appears right after connecting the devices with a USB cable.
  • Then find the smartphone folder in the files section of the PC, click on that and select the files you want to transfer.
  • Copy those files, which can be pictures, word documents, pdf, videos, etc., and paste the content into any PC folder.
  • Then you can free up your smartphone space by deleting all shared content because it is now saved on your PC. You can get it back into your mobile any time you want by repeating the same procedure.