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These Skin Care Tips you should Follow during Winter Season

Winter brings with it dull and dry skin as it takes away all the moisture. Thanks to some easy winter care tips that are guaranteed to make your skin look healthy and glowing despite the harsh weather.

Stay Hydrated

Water intake is considerably less in winter due to the cold outside. However, one must remember that our body is still losing water in different ways and we must rehydrate for it to function properly. Low humidity is one of the biggest reasons for dull skin. Try sipping water throughout the day to retain that moisture. You can also use hot beverages and seasonal fruits like berries and cherries to compensate for your water intake.

Quick Showers

Hot showers seem like a blessing in winters but they are extremely damaging for your skin. Not only do they dehydrate the skin, they also deprive it of the natural oils. The best solution is to use lukewarm water and keeping your showers short.

Use Moisturizer

As soon as you wash your face, hands or even take a shower, use an oil-based moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and glowing all day long.

Use Sunscreens

Sunscreens are not for summer only; they are equally important in winter too. When gathering your gears to go out, like cloves, cap and sunglasses, do not, in any case, forget your sunscreen because UV rays are still there

Night Time Routine

When you are about to give your body a good rest for 7-8 hours, remember your skin too. A good moisturizer and essential oils can do wonders. Just do not do it occasionally, make it a habit and you will wake up with soft and supple skin each day.

Your feet and hands, too are part of your body. Please do take care of them and moisturize them along with your face.

What are your favourite skin care tips that you live by?