Telegram Surpasses WhatsApp in Features and User Experience

Telegram Surpasses WhatsApp in Features and User Experience
Image via TryShift

Telegram is a centralized, cloud-based, and globally accessible instant messaging service that has gained popularity and emerged as a significant threat to WhatsApp’s dominance. The messaging app, established in 2013, offers a freemium model and has introduced several features that surpass WhatsApp’s offerings.

One of the most notable features is the ability to transfer up to 1 GB of data, while WhatsApp only allows 16 MB. Additionally, Telegram allows users to create large group chats with up to 5,000 members, while WhatsApp limits group chats to 30 members.

Recently, Telegram launched a new feature that enables users to share chat folders via links. This feature allows for easy collaboration and sharing of information with others on the same platform. Users can also add multiple links to different chats within the same folder and share specific conversations with different groups of people without giving them access to the entire folder. Telegram bots can also host web apps, and users can time travel through their chats more efficiently by clicking the date bar.

Moreover, Telegram’s new “Send when Online” option allows users to send messages when the recipient is online, improving the user experience. With these advanced features, Telegram has become a formidable competitor to WhatsApp.