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SpaceX Aircraft Brings Back Four Astronauts After Six Months

(From left) Thomas Pesquet (European Space Agency astronaut), Megan McArthur and Shane Kimbrough (Nasa astronauts), and Aki Hoshide (Japanese astronaut) – Image Courtesy: AFP

The astronauts spent six months on the ISS (International Space Station) before they successfully landed on the earth on Monday. During this time, they conducted several experiments in orbit and upgraded the ISS solar panels.

The “Crew 2” used four giant parachutes to descent and was splashed in the Gulf of Mexico from where a recovery ship helped it. The astronauts from Nasa Megan McArthur and Shane Kimbrough, an astronaut from Japan Akihiko Hoshide and an astronaut from the European Space Agency Frenchman Thomas Pesquet were then put on stretchers after taking out from the capsule so that their bodies can readjust to the gravity before they headed homes.

Kimbrough said in a Nasa Live Broadcast that “It’s great to be back to Planet Earth.”

Pesquet posted a tweet stating, “Proud to have represented France once again in space! Next stop, the Moon?”

The Crew 2 was sent on a mission to record any changes on the surface of the earth and natural events, study worms to understand changing patterns on human health and growing Hatch Chile Peppers in the space.

The departure of the Dragon was delayed earlier for a day due to bad weather.