Pakistan Makes History with Lunar Mission Launch aboard China’s Chang’e 6

Pakistan Makes History with Lunar Mission Launch aboard China's Chang'e 6

Pakistan is set to make history with the launch of its lunar mission, ICUBE-Q, on May 3 aboard China’s Chang’e 6 mission from Hainan, China. The mission, aimed at collecting lunar surface samples from the Moon’s far side for research purposes, marks a significant milestone in Pakistan’s space exploration endeavors.

Developed in collaboration with Shanghai University SJTU and SUPARCO, the ICUBE-Q satellite showcases Pakistan’s technological prowess and contribution to space exploration. The CubeSat satellite will be part of the Chang’e 6 mission, underscoring Pakistan’s growing presence in the global space community.

CubeSats, renowned for their small size and standardized design, play a crucial role in scientific research and technology development. The launch event will be broadcast live on IST’s website and social media platforms, allowing audiences worldwide to witness this historic moment.

Pakistan’s participation in the lunar mission reflects its unwavering commitment to space exploration and its strategic partnership with China in advancing scientific research and technology on a global scale.

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